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20 RV Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

One of the biggest challenges of staying in the RV is storage space. Cluttered kitchen is a headache to many, so I took my time to scour the internet for some ideas that could save you all the way. Have a look at them to get inspired.

1. Ultimate space saving idea in the kitchen

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Just beneath the sink and high above the kitchen, mount drawers for additional storage space in your kitchen. Additional space to keep your foodstuff and other kitchen items.

2. Saved storage space

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Put everything in their place and get rid of items that you do not use regularly at all. Considering that the space of an RV is limited, the little space should be used ergonomically.

3. Cabinet storage idea

Place the gas cylinder inside the drawers to save you some space. As for the utensils, reduce them to the useful number and pack off the rest. Drawers above the kitchen countertop will provide you some extra storage space.

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4. Kitchen ideas to save space

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Organized kitchen with every item in the place where they were meant to help you achieve the kitchen space you desire. Putting in place everything else to where they belong saves space.

5. Mount ovens to the wall and increase wall cabinets units

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To save more space in the kitchen area, utilize the vertical space of the RV by mounting wall cabinets and the oven. Your kitchen will look organized plus get more spacious than when items cluters the kitchen.

6. Earn a little extra space via cabinets

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Squueze your kitchen to a tiny corner of the RV. Make use of the counter-top as your main working area, while the storage capacities of the drawers can be upgraded with extra drawers above the countertop. Mount the microwave on the wall or place it on the open shelve to save some space.

7. Squeeze utensils and cuttlery

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If you are in a large group or a family set up, your kitchen will be an haven for all sorts of astray items. It is time you get organized by arranging your kitchen utensils onto the mounted hutchers to save some space for cooking and stuff on the kitchen.

9. Vertical storage idea in the kitchen

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The idea of storing your kitchen items is a great idea one should implement to save some kitchen space to other high priority kitchen funtionalities.

10. Best RV kitchen space saving

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The idea of longitutional format of a kitchen along the wall is an effort aimed at solving the space problems in RVs.

11. Compact Kitchen

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To save yourself some space in your RV, you’ve got to think outside of the box by compacting your kitchen on one side of the RV and leaving the opposite side empty space to allow free movement within the RV.

12. Kitchen storage idea on budget

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Shelves at the top of RV vehicle enable storage of useful kiten items. Steel trays mounted also ease the storage issues in the kitchen.

13. Small Kitchen on your RV

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Organize the kitchen items like microwave, blenders in a table so that you remain with the space for cooking your food. It is a good idea to keep those kitchen equipment you do not require on a regular basis far from the kitchen.

14. Idea for organizing canned food in your kitchen

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By placing these canned food on the shelves helps keep your kitchen organized and you are left with a playground to cook your meals with ease.

15. Kitchen with splendit space

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Save yourself a bunch of kitchen space by installing plenty of shelving options in the kitchen. For example, a shelve to keep canned food, a shelve to keep fruits, a shelve to keep cutilery etc.

16. Decluttering your kitchen


Keep your kitchen tidy and decluttered by keeping utensils in cabinets in an orderly manner to avoid unnecessary breakage and to declutter your kitchen space.

17. Affordable kitchen storage kit

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Get your kitchen organized with this small cabinet in the kitchen, you will keep your spices and other stuff in it to help you declutter the kitchen countertop.

18. Blue color kitchen idea

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Blue color over white cabinets are likable. It leaves you inspired and organized and with the aim of saving yourself some space for movement in and out of the kitchen area.

19. Rustic modern RV kitechen

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Use rustic reclaimed wood to make storage drawers within your kitchen. The gas cooker sits comfortable on top of the reclaimed rustic wood, while the microwave is placed on the shelves above when they are not in use.

20. Indoor and outdoor cooking system.

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When the RV space becomes limited, the indoor or outdoor kitchen unit can be moved outside to give space to the RV interior. It is a cool way to pave space to the RV.


In conclusion, I would reiterate the fact that there are many ideas of making enough space in our RV kitchen. Important is to be organized and let every item be at the right place at the right time to avoid cluttering the kitchen space for no reason. I hope these ideas puts you on the know zone to arm you for the next season. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions below.

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