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Carl Walker

Carl Walker
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Carl is an avid adventurer who goes everywhere with his backpack. He would choose his SwissArmy knife over his handphone if he is lost in the forest. Living in an RV is his dream life and he blogs all about it on RV Living.
motorhome in someones land
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Can you Live in an RV on Someone’s Property

The short answer is, Of course, you can! With a willing host and a few accommodations, this can be a great solution if your a remodeling or building a new home however it is not as straight-forward as it seems....

RV Ideas

19 Best Ideas for Minivan Conversion

Introduction There are numerous benefits associated with the conversion of a minivan into a home on wheels. Here are some of the minivan conversion ideas for your inspiration. 1. Easy and cheap minivan conversion idea image by It is...

RV GuidesRV Hacks

20 RV dinner table ideas

Space is generally limited in RVs, there are utilities that take space in your RV and the table is the victim. They are utilitarian and not the most aesthetic pieces of furniture in the RV. Here are some of the...

RV IdeasRV Types

20 Inspiring RV Makeovers

If you are planning to do a major RV makeover, or you want to do a renovation on your travel trailer; I have selected 20 inspiring RV makeovers. They might help you. 1. Adjustable overhead lights image by Get...

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20 camper Remodel Ideas

Folks see the world differently, there are those who like to board a plane to see the world, those who prefer to adventure on a train and those who like camper living kind of nomadic living were shifting after a...

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