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Where Are Maxxis Tires Made?

where are maxxis trailer tires made

The debate about the best TT tires has raged on in online forums for years now. One of the names that keep popping up is the Maxxis trailer tires. They have proved to be some of the strongest, most reliable trailer tires on the market. Where are they made though?

In short, Maxxis trailer tires are actually made in Thailand. Though the company is American, it has different factories in Asia. They have plants in China, Taiwan, and Thailand each manufacturing tires for different vehicle categories. The Thailand branch is where the trailer tires are manufactured.

With the bad reputation that a lot of Asian-made products have, why are Maxxis trailer tires such high quality? Well, not all Chinese or Asian-made products are of inferior quality. There are a lot of organizations with manufacturing plants in these countries that maintain high-quality standards.

A few examples are Apple and Rolls Royce airplane engines that are manufactured in China. This is the case with Maxxis tires. The company maintains high-quality control levels that ensure that the tires you get are the best possible quality.

Have Maxxis Trailer Tires Ever Been Made in the US?

The quality of the Maxxis tires has made many to believe and even claim that they were made in the US. This is simply not true. In fact, the only American company that makes a couple of their tires in the US is Goodyear. All other tire manufacturers make their tires in China or other Asian countries.

Because they have a reputation to maintain, they make sure that their factories in Asia stick to high-quality standards during the manufacturing process.

So, to answer one of the most common questions and correct some misconceptions, Maxxis tires have never been manufactured in The US. In fact, if you own Maxxis tires, you will see that they actually have “Made in Thailand” printed on the side.

For a good number of people out there, the issue is about supporting American companies and workers by buying American-made tires. For this reason, you will find people opting for the Goodyear tires instead of the Maxxis.

In such cases, it goes down to matters of personal conviction and patriotism. If not for that, both tires have many positive aspects to them that make them appealing over the other.

The Right Tires for your Trailer/RV

RV manufacturers are known to use low-quality stock tires for reasons not so clear. These have led to some serious accidents and incidences that have left many RV owners horrified. Most RV owners will often change their tires out to better quality ones soon after purchasing their RV.

It gives them peace of mind knowing that they can rely on their new set of tires to handle any conditions especially off-road camping trails.

Maxxis Tire Endurance How Good are They?

Maxxis tires are some of the most durable tires on the market. They have quite a good reputation in the RV community. They compete favorably with the well-known brands and even out-competing them.

They are able to withstand some of the harshest off-road conditions without a scratch. Maxxis are known to go 15,000 to 20,000 miles or more without even showing signs of wear. These are tires made to go the distance. There’s nothing but praise from those who have owned them.

The speed rating is how fast you can move with the tires without them heating up and possibly blowing. The Maxxis tire has a speed rating of 65Mph.

Admittedly, the Goodyear has a better speed rating of 85Mph but it would be unsafe to be moving with a trailer that fast anyway.

65Mph is sufficient enough for towing and RV. Perhaps it could be argued that you have better peace of mind knowing that your tires can handle a bit more heat before the possibility of them blowing up. Whatever your argument may be, Goodyear and Maxxis are the two best options available.

Conclusion on where are maxxis tires made

Maxxis Trailer tires are manufactured in Asia as are the majority of tires on the market today. As a matter of fact, before the Goodyear trailer tires came along, Maxxis was the standard in the trailer tire industry. There was no other tire manufacturer anywhere close to them. A few other players offering quality RV trailers have come onto the scene. Maxxis still remain the standard that everyone else is gunning for.

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