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Jayco X213 Problems

x213 problems

The Jayco Jay Feather X213 is one of the best RVs on the market right now with a great reputation to go with it. However, there have been many reported problems with the X213.

In this post, we are going to look into some of these so that you are aware of them and in order to help you make an informed decision should you want to purchase one. Though it’s a solid RV overall, it still has some issues that a number of owners have reported over the years.

The most commonly reported problems on the Jayco X213 are the slides not working properly, leaks on the roof and other places, propane leaks, undercarriage frame rust, AC problems and power issues.

Jayco X213 Problems

Let’s take a closer look at each of these problems one by one.

1. Leaks

The Jayco X213 Jayfeather has a number of reported leak problems.

This is not something unique to the X213 but common in all RVs. The seals on the body can lead to some major issues further down the line. These need to be watched closely so that you don’t get any moisture related issues. Here are the seals that you need to keep an eye on.

Door and Window Seals

All the seals on doors and windows need to be maintained throughout the course of the year. Faulty seals in these areas can allow moisture into the RV or the RV body leading to rust and rot in the RV body, chassis as well as any wooden boards.

You need to make sure to inspect all the window and door seals on your RV at least once every six months. After every 12 months, you also need to re-seal all your doors and windows with clear or black sealant.

Never use a silicon-based sealant but rather go for something with a rubber, elastic base. Silicon tends to chip over time.

Roof Seal Leaks

Just like with your doors, the seals on your roof can start leaking. The roof is the most exposed part of your RV so you need to take extra care. Just like with all other seals, make sure to inspect and wash the seals once every 6 months or more.

The roof is specifically susceptible to leaks and if moisture gets in through there, you will have more serious problems down the line. Reseal at least once a year and as necessary with the owner’s manual recommended sealant.

Leaking Bath and Kitchen Tops

This is another problem that has been reported by X213 owners. In the majority of cases though, the issue is mainly to do with plumbing connections not being fastened the right way. This can be an easy fix that you can DIY. In rare instances, you will need to take it to a dealership and have them look at it.

Leaks in the RV

Body Any place that has any fitting on your RV body has the potential to leak. In view of this, you need to seal off all these places with sealant to ensure that no moisture is able to penetrate the RV body through these places.

Leaking Propane Tank

The other thing that can happen is propane leaks. These are quite common and need to be sorted quickly for obvious reasons. If you’ve ever attempted to ride in an RV while it’s being towed, you will realize that it’s not the most comfortable of rides.

Things shake a lot back there. This is one of the reasons that you will have all these issues related to leaks. Things are shaken up quite a bit while you are in motion so you need always keep an eye on things.

2. Problems with Slides

The Jayco X213 has a number of slides both inside and outside. These slides are prone to problems due to several factors. One of the most commonly reported ones is the bed slider malfunctioning.

Here are some of the issues you can face.

Bed Slider Coming Off Rails

The bed slider has been known to come off the rails in some instances. When this happens, the bed will not roll all the way out or may struggle to come out. The fix for this may be simply realigning the rails and wheels.

If you catch this late though, the wheels may actually get corroded and need replacement. You will need to take it in to your dealer to get this fixed.

Bed Slider Jamming

Another common problem is Bed Slider Jamming. The main cause for this has been identified as the motor which is actually not powerful enough for the size of the bed. Replacing it with a more powerful motor usually solves the problem.

3. AC Problems

Another common issue is the AC in some of these units. It can cease to function altogether or simply blow hot or cold. This obviously presents some problems in summer and winter.

The usual complaint is the AC only functions in one setting (hot or cold) and not the other. If you are not a skilled AC technician, your best bet is to get someone who is or take it into the dealership for repair or replacement.

4. Undercarriage and Frame Rust

This is another reported problem with the Jayco X213. This can be linked to both the manufacturer or owner. Frame and undercarriage rust and rot can happen due to a manufacturing defect or user neglect. When an owner does not get a leak fixed in time, for example, it can lead to rust build-up and eventually rot.

Conclusion on Jayco X213 Issues

These are some of the most commonly reported problems linked with the Jayco Jay Feather X213. Most of these are pretty much easy fixes that do not require a lot of out-of-pocket expense. Having said that, the X213 remains one of the best RVs on the market today.


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