Is Living in an RV Cheaper Than a house

living in an rv vs house

As home rentals and mortgage interest rates soar there is a need to look at other alternatives. Some people are trying to find answers to the question is living in an RV cheaper than a house.

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. While it may sound a bit weird for those who are not used to RV, there are many who believe that living in a RV could perhaps be a much better option. Let us try and find which actually is true. Is staying in a RV a cheaper option or this is more of a myth than anything else

What Is RV Living All About?

When I talk about living in RV, we generally refer to living in a recreational vehicle. For many of us RVs are associated with recreations or better still finding out ways and means to unwind body and mind.

However, it would be pertinent to mention here that over 1 million people in the country prefer living in RVs. This is because most of these people believe that there are some inherent advantages associated with living in a RV.

Let us try and have a look at a few of them and also look at a few downsides of living in a RV. I hope  you will be able to get the right insight and will be able to make a decision whether it is a good idea to live long term in a RV.

Reasons Why Some People prefer to live in an RV

It takes us places

If you, and your family like travelling and like discovering and seeing new places, then living and moving in a RV without any doubt is a great idea.

For most persons, who love moving around and seeing places, living in RV certainly comes as a blessing in disguise.

However, make sure that the RV is of good quality and has all the facilities and comforts. If you have children to take care, you should pay more attention to their comfort, good health and well-being.

Have a Look at Some of the Most Breathtaking Scenes

Living in a RV and moving around gives you a chance to witness some of the most majestic countryside sceneries.

In the normal course of things, this would have been impossible. You and your family will be able to move through some of the most wonderful landscapes and it will remain etched in your memory for long periods of time.

Nothing can be taken granted

While technology has perhaps improved the perception of quality living, it certainly has complicated many things.

You will have to make good with whatever is available to you. Hence, you cannot expect the luxuries that you have in a city life.

These include Wi-Fi connections, showers in luxurious bathrooms and bathtubs, swimming pools and the like. You and your family members will learn to be simple and be connected to nature.

It Could Help in Better Bonding between couples and families

Spending quality time with children, spouses and other family members is becoming a luxury these days. This is because most of us are busy with our daily rat race.

When you decide to get out of it and spend a few months living in RV it could help bring in better bonding.

You can Save of Rentals

Yes this is perhaps the biggest advantage of living in RVs. You will be able to save big money on rentals, electricity bills, utility payment and other such things.

The money so saved could be used for more productive purposes and could come in handy when the chips are down.

You learn more About the History and Culture of the country

Most people who live in individual homes, apartments and other such places generally become couch potatoes. They not only turn unhealthy but also waste a significant portion of time watching Netflix and other such channels which hardly adds anything positive to such people.

Some Downsides of Living in an RV

However, there are some downsides when it comes to living in Recreational Vehicles. Here are a few of them:

  • You should have enough money to stay afloat because you will not be working when you are moving around in an RV.
  • Yes, you could live on the outskirts of the city and commute to your workplace but this could be a bother. It could also impact children’s education.
  • You will have to get out of your comfort zone because living in a RV is a totally different cup of tea.

Conclusion on Is it cost effective to live in an RV

I hope I have been able to give a reasonably good idea about the various reasons for and against RV living. In general, there are reasons to believe that the advantages are much more when compared to the downsides as far as RV living is concerned especially when you are looking to save some money however you will need to get out of your comfort zone a few times if you plan to do it permanently.

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Carl is an avid adventurer who goes everywhere with his backpack. He would choose his SwissArmy knife over his handphone if he is lost in the forest. Living in an RV is his dream life and he blogs all about it on RV Living.