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Dometic Rv Refrigerator Reset

Dometic Rv Refrigerator RESET

The domestic Rv refrigerator is an RV refrigerator installed inside the RV, as opposed to one installed outside as a ‘backup’ or ‘icebox’. It is often, but not always smaller than the backup refrigerator. In this article we are going to look at how to reset your Domestic RV Refrigerator. lets jump straight to it.

Where is the Domestic RV refrigerator reset switch?

For the Dometic it can be found inside the ‘fridge’, near the back, at the top of the compressor. On an RVD7821XF it is inside the door, hidden by a cover.

It’s directly under where you plug in your water supply. On a PD6848XF it is on the top of the freezer compartment but not under any cover (it’s on top of both compartments). I wish I had some sort of visual to show you this one, but I cannot find an image anywhere online so I will try and explain it using words.

How do I reset my Dometic fridge?

Dometic Australia recommends that you ‘reset the fridge’ whenever you are installing a new fridge or have serviced your unit. Dometic’s instructions are as follows:

  1.  Make sure all electrical power is disconnected from the RV
  2. Push and hold the ‘fridge reset’ button on the front of the control panel for 10 seconds
  3. Release the button, wait 10 seconds and then press and release it again
  4. Wait another 10 seconds and then press and release it once more
  5. Wait 5 seconds and then repeat steps 1 – 4
  6. Slide the control panel cover back onto the front of the fridge
  7. Re-connect all electrical power to your RV The reset procedure sounds simple enough, but there are other ways you can cause a reset (or at least try to). If you don’t know how to disconnect your batteries from the electrical system you shouldn’t be doing this…. ever! Let alone on a fridge!  It is also worth noting, that if you don’t know how to work with 12v systems, doing this should be left for someone who does. This procedure can also be used on Amcor RVs if that is what you have.

How does a Dometic RV refrigerator work?

There is a thermostat on the fridge section and another one on the freezer section. They are located in a metal box on the right hand side of your fridge. If you are looking at it with the door open, it’s at your 3 o’clock position.

The thermistor for the ‘fridge’ (the top one, in the photo) should read around -35°C to -40°C when cooling properly. The thermistor for the ‘freezer’ should read around -18°C to -22°C when cooling properly.

To check if you have power to your fridge: 1. Turn your RV’s circuit breakers off and disconnect your batteries 2. Make sure you have some type of light that runs off the ’12v’ system (ie a torch)

3. Open your fridge and shine your light down inside at the connectors (see below pic) 4. If you can see light, you have power to your fridge 5. If you cannot see any light, then you do not have power to your fridge To test if your thermistors are working:

Why is my Dometic fridge not getting cold?

It is important to understand, that the ‘freezer’ is separate from the ‘fridge’ compartment. I’m referring to the Dometic’s and the Amcors with this post. The Danfoss use both under one big door.

When you say it’s not getting cold, you need to know which section it is NOT cooling. Is your ‘fridge compartment’ warm or defrosted? Is your freezer compartment warm? The below instructions are for an RVD7821XF fridge which we had issues within our old RV when it was parked overnight in hot summer without power (ie no aircon).

What is the coldest setting on a Dometic fridge?

The coldest setting on a Dometic fridge is the ‘max’ setting. The ‘super chill’ button is there to turn the compressor off and adds no additional cooling. It is a direct replacement for the RV120 or RV95 models. When you set it on maximum it will keep food cold but will take longer to cool down than the other settings.


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