20 ruck Camper Modification ideas

If you are looking for a camper that will meet all your specs, I am sorry you won’t find, if you are lucky to get something close to your dream camper, the grab and don’t tell! Don’t worry either if you were not lucky in your mission of finding a camper that fully matches your specs, kindly have a look at these modification ideas for your inspiration.

1. Modifications in camper patios

image by https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/

Enclose from the rear end your camper patio with a mesh leaving a lockable entrance, where you can keep your valuables when you explore far away from your camper.

2. Pick rooftop raised up


Inside the pickup camper, the air circulation could be limited especially for a number of people, raising the rooftop will increase the amount of air and the light coming in.

3. Home away from home camper

image by https://www.team-bhp.com/

Built with fibreglass or aluminium, the camper box shines from a distance, windows are modified to rectangular shapes that cover most of the camper sides to allow in more light during the day.

4. Quick Mods on a budget

image by https://birthcakedecor.com/

Simply turn your SUV into a quick camper on a budget, all needed is a foam mattress to modify it to a bedroom.

5. Modified staircases and handrails

image by https://i.pinimg.com/

Modify your truck with aluminium handrails and state-of-the-art staircases foldable and held in place with a chainlink

6. Sideout truck camper modification

image by https://www.truckcamperadventure.com/

Truck camper modified with side outs to increase the interior space and also add some style and aesthetics to the camper.

7. Auto level suspension camper

Install auto-level suspension system to carry your slide truck camper without a forklift.

8. Portable shower kit on your camper


It is a good idea to modify your truck camper by installing a portable bathroom if your camper cannot be self-contained.

9. Power your camper with solar power


A car battery cannot withstand to power your camper especially when not moving to recharge your batteries, the reason why installing solar panels for extra power in your camper is ideal.

10. Overlanding camper mods

image by https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/

Do you like the style? add some aesthetic lights on your camper to add a sense of style to your adventure and probably stand out from the crowd.

11. Pop up camper mods

image by https://earthcruiser.com/

Modify your truck camper with a pop-up to open up the tiny little space inside to the outside.

12. Modify your truck camper by adding overhead shade with awnings.

image by https://i.ytimg.com/

Inside of your truck camper could be limiting in terms of space and amenities, explore the outside camper by adding an overhead awning and bring forth other units like the kitchen and more.

13. Military truck of off-roading

image by https://www.outsideonline.com/

Modify a military truck into a camper with a cover board with more than enough glass windows to let in unlimited light so that when you off-roading you don’t have to worry about anything.

14. Add tented upstairs rooms to your truck camper

image by https://www.travelamateurs.com/

You are at liberty to increment the truck camper space by implementing additional rooms upstairs by pitching a tent over the truck camper head.

15. Strong but light-weight truck camper

image by https://www.bahncamperworks.com/

This strong but light-weight truck camper has the guts to take your wild in the wild, plus the strong lighting inside makes a beautiful scene from inside especially during evenings.

16. Amazing truck mods

image by http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

Instant water heating unit, exterior shower, rerouted plumbing and electrical is enough to take this truck camper out on adventure overland drive.

17. Nice off-road camper

image by http://www.lasfmagazine.com/

If you fall in love with the exterior of this modified camper, you will definitely fall in love with what is inside, mp3 music system, thermostat, hot water system, to name but a few mods done to skyrocket your experience.

18. Best truck camper mods

image by https://truckcamperhq.com/

Out of the box camper modification with luxury and aesthetic. It is designed for class with its high-class amenities.

19. Truck camper livable pop-up

image by https://s3.amazonaws.com/

Add a livable pop up onto your camper with little investment into it. Small tent to create a roomy truck interior.

20. Fancy camper mods

image by https://www.automobilemag.com/

Make a lot out of this tiny camper by extending the livable area to the top roof of your ford and outside to make the most out of your camper. an awning means extra outdoor space.


It is certain that you can’t get a truck camper that meets your exact desired requirements, what you can do then is to modify them to fit your specific requirements, you can suggest more modification ideas if you have in the comments. Thank you.

Carl Walker

Carl is an avid adventurer who goes everywhere with his backpack. He would choose his SwissArmy knife over his handphone if he is lost in the forest. Living in an RV is his dream life and he blogs all about it on RV Living.

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