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20 best truck camper

Have you been thinking of buying a truck camper and just don’t know any idea about truck campers? I am here to help you out find the best. Follow along and I hope you will find some of the ideas I have selected for you useful.

1. Best truck camper

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Try this for the best mobile truck camper that is the best for an outdoor camping adventure. This truck type is suitable for a small number of people. Its shape is great and unlimited storage capacity.

2. Lightweight pop up truck camper

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This a lightweight truck with a pop-up rooftop to increase the amount of interior space as well as increase air circulation.

3. Lightweight camper

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Yet another overland lightweight truck camper with a pop-up rooftop. The extended rooftop is only to increase the amount of air circulation inside the truck camper but not to increase the capacity. It is great for quite a few numbers of occupants.

4. Best circus truck campers

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A sleek designed truck camper for those looking for additional aesthetics to the double cab pick-up already. The interior of the truck is equally attractive as the exterior.

5. Lite truck campers

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Light truck camper life with outdoor extension ideas to improve the truck camper living experience.

6. Four-wheel with a pop-up camper

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The design of this truck camper was meant to impress from inside out. Lightweight enough and powerful for off-road adventure.

7. 4 by 4 truck camper

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This one reminds of the truck overland expo exhibition. It looks small but its capacity is unbelievable. It stands out of the crowd with its 4×4 power to withstand even the rugged terrains.

8. Kimbo adventure truck

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Turn your adventure into an unforgettable one with this adventurous truck. The design of the truck is breathtaking not the hospitality in it.

9. 4 Wheel truck topper

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A lightweight truck topper for exotic camper living. This is the kind of truck camper that will take your adventure touring to the next level.

10. Adventurous and fire-warmed truck camper

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A self-contained truck camper for you to rip maximum benefits while in adventurous, enjoy the best comfort with this kind of truck with all the social amenities it offers.

11. Red Pickup converted to a truck camper

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If you love red color, especially when it comes to motor vehicles, this red truck camper might interest you, check it out!

12. Sleek truck camper

This is a good idea for those who want to live large in the wild. This kind of truck camper can cost a lot, it might not be the best idea if you are on a budget. But I bet, it can offer the best outdoor experience. Take a shot if you don’t mind!

13. Pop-top camper

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Discover a whole lot of fun with this pop-top truck camper, fully air-conditioned so that you can still fill your soul with fun even when the outside world is rocked by dust.

14. Adventurous truck for lifestyle

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Enjoy the top adventure in the wild with this kind of truck that is built with style and best design in mind. It is spacious enough to hub a couple or more. The rear wheels are doubled to withstand the additional weights.

15. Flatbed pop-up camper


If you are looking for extreme fun while out in the wild, this white, flatbed truck camper might be the one for you. It is spacious enough and with high-class amenities that will make your living adventurous.

16. 4 wheel pop-up truck camper

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Your truck camper living will be a more adventurous trip with this pop-up extension that provides the interior with enough air and storage area for your camping stuff.

17. Forest green adventurous truck camper

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Go forest green adventure with this cruiser truck camper for the best off-road experience. The pop-up rooftop of the truck camper will allow adventurous overview of the environs and whatever is in the wild.

18. Camera addicts all-season truck camper

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Turn your truck camper into a tent or more. Clear windows allow camera lovers to do what they love most on the fly.

19. Detachable truck camper

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Actualize your dream adventures with this detachable truck trailer camper for those who would like to go long-term in nature. It has plenty of storage space and living area so you don’t feel limited in away.

20. Truck camper living

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Live in a truck camper like a mini home living. Get a touch of a conventional home with the wooden walled and iron sheet roofed truck. Just for you to live naturally in the wild. It has more space and storage area fit for a couple.


Now that you have seen the selection, it is upon you to choose what will resonate well with your budget and the number of campmates you wish to explore the nature with together. For suggestions and comments please hit the comment box below. Thank you.

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